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Tailor-made holidays

Find out with us where to start your quest for the holiday destination that suits you best, not to mention the practical information associated with it such as attractions, accommodation, available activities etc.

Vacation plans

Suggestions, guides, advice and necessary information that guarantee you the right approach to fully enjoy your holiday wherever you go. We help you acquire a whole new way of life for your holiday.

"Holiday Guides"

Holiday Guides is both a guide to find a travel agency, a hotel, a holiday rental, a site with good travel and holiday tips but also a site with travel ideas with shared experiences and adventures.

Practical guide for your holidays

Practical guide for your holidays

Holiday Guides does not sell any tourist services and is not a travel price comparator either. It helps you prepare your next vacation so that you can enjoy the best quality/price ratio possible and find the travel agency that suits you best!

Plan your next vacation with our complete guide to travel preparations, ranging from how to pack your bags in the best way possible to how to rent a pocket Wifi such as those available at My Webspot

Holidays in France

Holidays in France

What are the best holiday destinations in France?

Holidays abroad

Holidays abroad

Hundreds of destinations for all tastes!

Cheap holidays

Cheap holidays

Holidays adapted to both your budget and your ambitions

Theme holidays

Theme holidays

Athlete, ecologist or humanist…there will always be tailor-made holidays for you.

Planning your holidays

Planning your holidays, a blessing in disguise...

Each new year brings a multitude of reasons why we choose this destination or the other. We choose new travel themes, different airline, new dates (depending on birthdays and special events), a new list of favourite activities etc… Prepare your trip in advance and explore the pros and cons of each travel plan and each holiday destination…

Are you planning to visit Grandma for Christmas or spend holidays in Rome? Traveling during the holidays can be extremely expensive and stressful. There will always be good deals, provided you plan your business carefully and in advance.

Running out of ideas for your holiday?

Sunny holidays

Bask in the sun in France or in a distant country…

Places of all kinds

Whether by the sea, in the countryside or in the city, find the perfect spot for chilling

Family holidays

Travel with your family and spend unforgettable holidays

Everything about holidays


Holidays of all types covering the most popular destinations in Europe, around the Mediterranean and in several countries…. More on