How to do bungee jumping?

Bungee jumping is an activity that is beginning to gain notoriety all over the world. But how exactly do we do that? Here are some important points to consider.

The search for a place

The first thing to do is to find the right place to make the jump. In fact, there are several institutions that offer this type of activity. In general, the establishments are located in magnificent places where you can also enjoy the view. Some cities even make bungee jumping an attraction for tourists. The jump can be made at the top of a crane, bridge, building, etc. It is up to you to choose who you like and what feeling you want to have. However, make sure that the institution you choose has a permit for this type of activity. Also, the equipment and materials used must comply with the standards imposed by the competent authorities. In addition, teams must have skills or diplomas in the supervision of jumpers. To check this, do not hesitate to ask questions to the managers. Finally, the last criterion for choosing the establishment is the price. Indeed, the bungee jumping price varies from one establishment to another. To find the best offer, make comparisons or ask others. The opinions of Internet users can help you find the right bungee jumping price in your country.

The preparation

Once you have chosen the establishment, you must prepare for your jump. The first instruction is not to think too much about it. Being stressed can make you give up. Then, choose rather comfortable clothes (not too loose or too tight). Long hair is to be tied. Then find out what type of harness you are going to use. You have the right to ask the facilitator of your jump for explanations. Above all, ask questions about how the security system works. The next step is to find the type of jump to perform. Be aware that there are different methods of jumping. The easiest is the angel jump. You jump when you extend your arms. You will surely find many styles and figures on the Internet. Nevertheless, opt for jumps that are achievable in relation to your level. Before your turn comes, watch the other people jump. The purpose of this step is to calm your anxiety and prepare your brain to accept the fact of jumping into the void. This is the best way to relieve stress.

The jump

Pay the jump fee in case you haven't already done so. If you have any doubts about safety, you can always ask a facilitator or person in charge on site. You will have to weigh yourself afterwards. This step allows you to know the type of security system that suits your morphology. Move closer to the saltire to set up the security system. Take a deep breath of air and take a deep breath. It is advisable not to look down. Keep in mind that the most difficult step is to move towards the saltire and not the jump. Now clear your mind and think of nothing. Just listen to the instructions the facilitator gives you. If in doubt, always ask questions. This will allow you to relax. Try to overcome fear by forcing your mind to accept that the jump is not a situation that endangers your body. Finally, jump right away when the facilitator tells you to. During the jump, release your feelings. Shout or laugh! In short, the jump should bring out an unexplainable feeling. In short, these are the simple steps to follow when bungee jumping.
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