Internet access in Bangkok and Thailand

Internet access is good in Bangkok (also in the rest of Thailand). Wifi is available in most cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels and also the internet speed is OK. There are several cell phone companies operating in Thailand and they give you good Internet access.To get Internet in

Thailand you basically have 3 options:

1. With a Wi-Fi (or cable) network:

Your hotel, restaurant or café can provide you with a Wi-Fi (or cable) connection. Usually wifi is free if you have a drink or stay at the hotel, other times business charges a special rate.

2. With a local Sim from one of the cell phone operators

If Internet access is important to you and you want to be independent of the wifi networks in cafes and hotels, then buy a SIM card from one of the local mobile phone operators and then a pre-paid Internet package, so you can have Internet even under a coconut tree on a Thai island.

3. With the SIM card from your country

This will not usually be the cheapest option. The cellular operator in your country will charge you a high price for calling or using the Internet from abroad and it's hard to beat Thailand's prices, but you never know. If you are not sure about the prices your operator will charge you, then buy a local SIM card for your stay in Thailand.

Cell phone company WiFi networks

A big bonus you get when you buy an Internet subscription with one of the cell phone companies is that they allow you to use their wifi networks in the city. The true company (and others) have their own high speed wifi networks in large shopping malls, cafes, at the airport and many other places. You simply log in with a password you receive. It's free during the period that your subscription is valid. By using their wifi networks you do not spend your Gigabytes of your subscription. And you can easily make a wifi calling and call your family and friend. Visit for further more information about wifi calling.

Who are the mobile phone operators in Thailand?

The three major Thai cell phone companies are: true, ais, dtac They all have an English version of the site, some are clearer than others. The most important company is true. The advantage of True is that they also have a chain of cafes in Bangkok and in some of these places they have staff who can help you with SIM card and prepaid subscriptions.

How do I subscribe to a prepaid Internet plan?

It is the same procedure everywhere in the world: First, you have to "Top-Up" (fill in, load) money into your account that is associated with the SIM card. Charge the same amount of the price of the prepaid plan you are going to subscribe to. Buy a prepaid plan. You do this by dialing a specific number from your smartphone. For each prepaid plan you need to call a different number. To find out which Internet plans are available (and which number to call), you need to ask the staff or check the website (not always good in English). Note: It is preferable (easier) that both operations are carried out by the person from whom you buy the SIM card. He or she knows how to do this.
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