Wi-Fi network: how does it work in Tokyo?

You've just arrived in Japan, whether you're here for tourism, or to settle down for a longer period of time, you will quickly need an internet connection. Here are a few solutions to quickly connect to a wifi in Tokyo.An internet connection in Japan: short term solutions. Free wifi In Tokyo, many monuments, museums, train stations, cafes, restaurants and combinis offer free wifi.

Renting a Pocket Wifi

A "pocket wifi" or "router", is a small device that fits in a pocket and allows you to stay connected in unlimited wifi and broadband throughout your trip to Japan. Different companies offer the rental of pocket wifi. Once registered online the device will be delivered to you at the airport, hotel or at a home address. Depending on the pocket wifi you can connect one or more devices. Check www.my-webspot.com for more about pocket wifi. Tip: remember to recharge your pocket wifi every night, so you can use it all day the next day. Good to know: more and more accommodations Airbnb has a pocket wifi included in the rental.

Buy a prepaid internet SIM card

Another solution to stay connected to broadband in Japan is to use your mobile phone directly. To do so, you need to buy a prepaid internet sim card, that is to say a prepaid internet sim card with a defined amount of internet data to be inserted in your mobile phone. It can be delivered at the airport or at your hotel, and you can also find it in large household appliance stores such as Labi. You will have to choose your operator according to your data needs and your stay. Finally, you can order this card in advance from the Sakura Mobile operator. Please note that your mobile phone must be "unlocked" in order to use a sim card from another operator than your usual operator. Depending on the sim card, it may be necessary to be connected to the internet to be able to use the card for the first time to go further: Being connected with a short term SIM cardWifi in Tokyo: long term solutionsIf you move to Tokyo for a year or more, you should know that there are different internet providers in Japan: Flet's, AU, Softbank, NTT Docomo etc... Depending on the accommodation you choose, the steps will be more or less easy. In some "mansions", the internet connection is included in the rent. It will be enough to connect a router to generate a Wifi in your apartment. If this is not the case, you will first need to get a modem from an internet provider, then connect a router to the modem to get a Wifi in your apartment. Good plan: If you live in a residence (mansion), ask which is the majority internet provider in the building. If you choose this one, you will then be able to benefit from a reduced rate.

The Tokyo city hall has also set up spots all over the city

Japan Connected free wi-fi To easily locate these different places just download this handy application that works offline. Japan Connected free wi-fi is available in English, with more than 80,000 access points throughout Japan. JapanNTT East Free wi-fi Japan offers tourists 14 days free wi-fi access in many places in eastern and northern Japan (including Tokyo). There are two ways to receive the login and password which then allow you to use the free wi-fi service. Navitime for Japan Travel: you must download this application before leaving for Japan. Once in Japan, connect to the application to receive the login and password. Once in Japan, you can pick up a card with the username and password at Haneda Airport, most train and subway stations or at a location indicated on the website map. Bon plan voyage au Japon: the cities of Kyoto and Osaka offer a free wifi service. The big stations (and soon some shinkansen) also offer this service.
Is pocket wifi the best portable wifi solution while travelling?
Preparing for your trip to Japan: The pocket wifi

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