What is the best pocket wifi rental service?

A pocket wifi box is often one of the essential elements for traveling.

What is the best pocket wifi rental service in Japan?

A pocket wifi box is one of the essential elements to travel in the archipelago. Let's compare the prices, specifications and other services offered by different providers. When traveling, it's hard not to post your photos on social networks, find your way on Google Map or simply call your family or friends. For this, nothing better than a pocket wifi box. Visit www.my-webspot.com/ for more. This small device allows you to receive Internet everywhere in Japan, without having to worry about finding free spots. There are many different providers in Japan. Among the criteria for comparison: Rates, data usage limit, speed, battery life, delivery and ease of retrieving and returning the terminal. They are compared based on the same scenario: Place of delivery: Airport Rental duration: 7 days Optional: additional battery Each of the service providers allows a delivery to the hotel. However, many guests are concerned that they will not be able to find their place of stay and therefore decide to receive their pocket Wi-Fi at the airport. Also, if you use the internet all day long, the battery will quickly run down. For this reason, an extra battery is often needed.

Japan Wireless

Price: 5,494 yen 7 days rental (5,994 yen) + shipping costs (500 yen ) - discount coupon 1,000 yen) Data Rate: 187.5Mbps (Download Max) / 37.5Mbps (Upload Max) Data: Completely unlimited Battery: 10 hours of continuous use

Pickup and return

You can pick up your package directly at the airport/hotel and use the prepaid envelope provided to return it from any mailbox in Japan. With over 200,000 customers, Japan Wireless is the most recommended pocket WiFi rental company. Two types of 4G LTE WiFi routers are offered, along with unlimited data usage plans. For faster usage speed, Wi-Fi Premium is recommended. An additional battery is offered free of charge, and there are no cancellation fees. A discount coupon of 1,000 yen is also available. Japan Wireless is the solution we recommend for renting a pocket WiFi in Japan, as it offers the latest modems with unlimited data at a reasonable price. Japan Wireless' Wi-Fi connection is truly unlimited in 4G LTE, while some providers offer "unlimited" with the caveat that the connection can be lost if you use more than 3-5 GB per day. Picking up and returning the package is very easy. Also, last minute orders are accepted (for next day delivery).
Is pocket wifi the best portable wifi solution while travelling?
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