Beijing Express: a golden opportunity to prepare your trip to Colombia

For 14 days, the famous television show Beijing Express in Colombia showed you the wonders of Colombia: rivers, mountains, typical and modern villages, etc. If you were amazed by this show, it's time to make it real. Try it too, but with ease this time, without any hardships or obstacles. As you have seen on your screen, Colombia is a preferred travel destination. Find below, in a few paragraphs, the charm and splendour of this country.

The particularity of the country

Contrary to popular belief and the country's bad reputation, Colombia is not as dangerous as you imagined. Unfortunately, the beauty of its landscapes, the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean and the dynamism of its very welcoming inhabitants are not often highlighted. While the media and films give Colombia a very negative image, the situation has really improved over the past decade. The country has completely turned the page and is returning to peace and stability, although some territories are still not recommended for foreigners. However, it would still be wise to use a travel agency in Colombia for more security.

A country rich in activity

Generally, the choice of destination for a holiday is based on activities. For a trip to Colombia, you won't have to worry about that. In fact, you have already had a taste in Beijing Express in Colombia. Paradise beaches with sea spots such as diving, jet-skiing, surfing, etc. Horse rides, hikes, waterfalls or even sailing on the Amazon River. You can also enjoy a small spa cure for your well-being, as well as many attractions for the whole family. Colombia is necessarily a country where activities are on the agenda.

Good to know

Colombia is a unique destination. Both exciting and wonderful, your stay promises to be very active. Knowing that Colombia is close to the equator, you must plan your holidays according to the weather. Indeed, the country is very wet, and it rains permanently, especially during the rainy season. And even if the sun shines in the morning, it does not guarantee good weather. The months of July and August are perfect for travelling to Colombia. The country will be sunnier during these periods.
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