Take a trip to Cambodia

For a comfortable and relaxing road trip through Cambodia, nothing is more ideal than a car rental. A cheap transport solution, to get lost at leisure in unusual places, while touring the country's treasures. Take advantage of our advice to ensure you a stress-free and routine trip.

The comfort of an individual vehicle to travel to Cambodia

A must-see destination in Asia, the Khmer country can be visited in a thousand ways: on a cruise, to explore Lake Tonle Sap and the winged people who live there; by helicopter, to take a look at the prestigious Angkor monuments dedicated to Hindu deities; or even on a backpacker, on a two-wheeled handlebar. For a road trip to Cambodia, an authentic destination in Southeast Asia thanks to its cultural treasures and diverse nature, the tourist has the option of several car rentals. Apart from its modest price, a personal vehicle offers a choice of comfort and convenience, because the tourist will be able to travel at his own pace, stopping at any place he likes to spot sights or eat snacks. This means of transport is especially ideal during a long tour to visit the country's tourist attractions. Instead of a self-guided tour, it is much better to rent a car with a driver, when you consider the deplorable state of the roads and the bad actions of motorists.

Routine trip to Cambodia

In Cambodia, the price at which your recreational car is rented will be different depending on whether you are travelling in summer or during the mass tourism period. As a general rule, the rental is paid per day. The price retained by the transport company is still subject to a margin of negotiation. Coming in large numbers makes it possible to lower the per capita fare, because the fare is based on the number of seats available, regardless of the number of passengers.

Practical tips for a successful self-guided tour of Cambodia

Remember to bring mosquito nets, to repel insects and unwanted guests, if you are going to stay in a park or nature reserve. Wear suitable clothing to protect yourself from heat. Light clothing is recommended: shirts, shorts, sunglasses, hats or headgear. Consider carrying banana bags, for an easy walk and the preservation of precious documents. The tourist is not taught anything by stating that Cambodia is known for its rainy surprises. Because a routine winter tour is not spared by these heavy rains, packing personal belongings above the vehicle in a waterproof bag is a precaution to be taken.
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