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More and more people are opting for holidays that combine business with pleasure. Nowadays "useful travel" is booming and more and more travellers are opting for holidays that allow them to discover new countries while participating in a humanitarian project or activities that aim to preserve the planet. Useful travel is on the rise and many tour operators have put this holiday option on their agenda. The basic idea of the concept "useful travel" is to promote a more responsible form of tourism, to escape mass tourism activities and no longer tan on a beach somewhere on the other side of the world. Several organizers of this new kind of holiday offer a wide variety of travel packages with different missions such as saving the great apes on the island of Sumatra, helping elephants in Thailand, helping to preserve sharks in Fiji, the Banaue Rice Mountains in the Philippines... Useful travel is increasingly popular with holidaymakers, especially women, who are increasingly interested in discovering distant lands in this way. This holiday package is open to everyone and there is no need to be a specialist in a field of activity or to leave for several consecutive months. By travelling usefully, you will have the opportunity to help poor people or participate in environmental projects around the world. Useful travel is another way to enjoy your vacation by making yourself useful for causes that do not necessarily benefit from international assistance. To travel usefully, for example, you can spend a holiday in the heart of the Amazonian forest by helping to preserve biodiversity in Ecuador, replant endangered plant species such as the Andean cedar, participate in the maintenance of the Andean Cordillera trails by creating new access roads or by participating in the observation of endangered bird species. During this type of stay, holidaymakers are accommodated in the heart of the rainforest by the local families involved in the project. A unique opportunity to enjoy exceptional landscapes off the beaten track. Without being luxurious, these homestays are clean and allow a complete immersion in the local environment, in a paradisiacal setting, far from laptops and other trifles of the modern world.
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