We can never say it enough, travel light during your holidays

Holidays are synonymous with pleasure and well-being. A successful holiday requires good preparation and organisation so that everything goes well and everyone is happy. Packing luggage is an important part of the trip, especially if you are travelling with children. It is not easy to pack your holiday luggage, especially if you are travelling with young children. To begin with, travel agencies advise you to make the right choice of transportation equipment and choose a suitcase with wheels rather than a bag that will be much more difficult to move even if you are travelling by car or train. Bring light and sturdy luggage. Avoid taking too many things with you that you may not even use. Limit the number of toys your children will take with them. Avoid noisy toys that children will not be able to use in a restaurant or in the car, for example. To travel lighter during your vacation, check the weather. If you are going to the sea, there is no need to bring three sweaters, but you should wear light clothing. The same applies to pairs of shoes. Carefully select the ones you will put in your luggage. Before you put your clothes in the suitcase, combine the different outfits by matching them respectively with one or two tops for each. Some time before packing your suitcase, you can start by making a list of the essential things to pack: papers, medicines, clothes... For anything other than clothing, make sure you are well informed about everything you will find on site in your holiday accommodation. For example, is there a hair dryer available or should one be provided? If you are travelling with a young child, you cannot take everything with you. Plan to take small quantities of disposable items with you as you will be able to renew the stock when you get there. To travel lighter, avoid carrying whole vials or opt for small formats that will be less heavy to carry. You can also fill bottles yourself with the quantity you need for your holiday. Take advantage of the sample formats that are available in many cosmetics stores. An economical way to lighten your holiday luggage. Arrange your things in a space-saving way: fold, roll...
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