Holidays with your family in France: opt for a full board reservation

Do you want to experience magical moments during your family holidays in France? Opt for a full board stay. But what is the difference with the other formulas? And how to book?

Full or half board: which one to choose?

Accommodation offers several options, namely: - Full board: accommodation and all meals are included in the price. However, drinks are not taken into account - Half full board: this includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch or dinner according to the customer's choice. Beverages are also excluded - The all-inclusive formula: it is an all-inclusive formula, as its name suggests. In this way, everything is taken care of by the house: meals, accommodation, mineral water, fruit juices, wine, etc. However, some drinks and alcohols may be charged by the hotel - And the breakfast formula: it's the most common. It includes accommodation and breakfast, without drinks Are you hesitating between half or full board? The advantage of full board is that you don't have to worry about anything. With this formula, you can better manage your budget and fully enjoy your stay in France without worrying about accommodation and meals. In addition, if you are travelling with your family, you can negotiate a discount, especially for a long stay. Visit for more information on the full board stay in France.

How to book your accommodation?

You can book your hotel with full board in various ways: - Online: this is the fastest option. In the immediate future, you can observe the photos, get a quote and know the availability of the rooms that interest you. On the internet, you can find special offers and flash sales. This way, you can save a lot of money.... - By telephone: all accommodation facilities can be reached by telephone. You can therefore speak directly to the advisors who are at your disposal, ask them questions and ask for suggestions - Or by email: you can also book your accommodation by sending a reservation letter to the email address provided by the service provider And of course, if you can go there, it is certainly the best solution. In this way, you can make an inventory of the premises before booking. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises on arrival. Online, hosting establishments offer various payment methods to make your life easier: traditional bank cards, online holiday vouchers, postal cheques, etc.

Which precautions should be taken?

For your holidays in France, in terms of accommodation, you will have only the embarrassment of choice. Yes, the offers are very varied, able to adapt to all tastes and budgets: hotels, holiday rentals... In high season, it is better to book your accommodation early. This way, you will have more choice and access to the best hotel rooms. Booking your stay in advance will also allow you to benefit from a more attractive rate and to negotiate more easily. In low season, you can wait for promotional offers such as last-minute offers to save money. However, it is very important to find out about the establishment of your choice in order to avoid disappointments: its reputation, the quality of the infrastructure, the quality of the services, the services included in the price, the catering, the various activities, the other options available on site (playground, swimming pool, spa, sauna, etc.). Feel free to request additional photos if you are not satisfied with the published images. If the person you are speaking to is acting in good faith, there would be no problem.  
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